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2017-18 Message

“Open Minds, Open Hearts, Open Doors”

Mr. ElbelIt is with great pleasure, excitement and anticipation that I write this first letter to you. I am keenly aware of the extraordinary nature of the opportunity that lies ahead of us as a school community. Beginning a new school is exciting, because it allows us to shape the school as we would ideally like to have it. This, of course, means that while I, as a principal, have clear ideas of what I would like Fireside to be like, sound like, feel like, I will, as part of being one of the school leaders, listen to and work with the students, the staff, the parents and the community. This will make for a strong, vibrant and experience-rich school.

I want to lead the school with an “Open Minds, Open Hearts, Open Doors” mindset, that keeps the best interest of all learners in the school at its centre. It is important to me that students from Fireside are engaged in and emerge with a solid foundation that I currently articulate in the following ways:

  • The development of literacy and numeracy skills that allow students to engage successfully in accessing, formulating and using information (in all their various applications)
  • The fostering of curiosity and of a thirst for learning and an interest in the fantastic world that surrounds us.
  • The development of personal competence as citizens and social beings within a community.
  • The development of interpersonal competence as compassionate and understanding beings, who can successfully interact with the people and navigate the world around them.
  • The development of competencies that will support students in their eventual transition to high school and into a successful life in contemporary Canadian society and the world.

Our guiding beliefs, mission and vision, will of course be determined through interactions with students, staff and the school community over the next few months and when we come together in the fall.

A number of interested parents and supporters of our school have established the Friends of Fireside School fundraising society. They have already met twice and have created a Facebook page in collaboration with RVS. Their current goal is to begin fundraising for the school’s playground as soon as possible. You can access the Facebook page at

I want to thank you in advance for supporting our school and want to invite you to collaborate with us to make Fireside a great place of learning. I want to also encourage you to visit our website frequently.


Thomas Elbel

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