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Dear Fireside School Community,

18 months after our school officially took its first breath, we have taken our first steps and directions as a new school community. We have identified what is important to us as a school and community and have created our first vision, mission and guiding beliefs. I have provided below two guiding documents, the first, my own beliefs about education and what a school ought to be and the second our staffs and school community’s vision, mission and guiding beliefs. I have put both of them here because I think it important that they are connected. Our motto of “Open Minds, Open Hearts, Open Doors” remains as the overarching phrase that is used to create a mind-set that we aim to work with as a community. I am excited to know that what began as general view of education has been shaped into a working vision, mission and guiding beliefs that help us operate as a school.

March 2017:

“Open Minds, Open Hearts, Open Doors”

  • The development of literacy and numeracy skills that allow students to engage successfully in accessing, formulating and using information (in all their various applications)

  • The fostering of curiosity and of a thirst for learning and an interest in the fantastic world that surrounds us.

  • The development of personal competence as citizens and social beings within a community.

  • The development of interpersonal competence as compassionate and understanding beings, who can

    successfully interact with the people and navigate the world around them.

  • The development of competencies that will support students in their eventual transition to high school and into a successful life in contemporary Canadian society and the world.

September 2018:

Fireside school's Vision:

Fireside School’s Vision, Mission and Guiding Beliefs

"Open Minds, Open Hearts, Open Doors"

  • At Fireside School, we develop learners as whole persons, who are strongly equipped with resiliency, both academically and socially.

  • They are prepared and receptive to successfully and independently venture into unknown challenges that they encounter in their journey through life.

    Fireside School's Mission:

  • At Fireside School, we endeavor to support our learners by making learning interactive and meaningful.

  • We strive to develop the whole child through thoughtful, intentional educational process, connection to

    the real world and responsiveness to change.

  • Creativity, curiosity and compassion is cultivated and supported in all learners.

  • Through working and playing in our school, in our community and in the outdoors, we are mindful of the

    goals of Rocky View Schools, the province and our school community.

  • We listen to each other and remain open to possibilities of change.

Fireside School's Guiding Beliefs:

Social-Emotional Relationships:

  • Learners get to know themselves and others as learners and people.

  • Learners practice building successful and nourishing relationships with students, adults and the world that

    surrounds us.

  • Learners develop resiliency skills that help them navigate the normal ups and downs of life.

    Innovation, Openness, Flexibility and Creativity:

  • Learners develop a mind-set that fosters creativity, flexibility, innovation and openness that cultivates curiosity in the real world.


  • Learners develop competencies that allow them to be successful and contributing participants in an ever- evolving world.

  • Learners leave our school with a strong set of foundational skills in numeracy and literacy.

    The last 18 months have of course been heavily influenced by our sense of place, where we are. We began our journey in the portable classrooms at Mitford and have since then moved to our permanent location at 12 Fireside Parkway. The beauty, flexibility and space this has afforded us certainly has helped us put our beliefs to practice. With an initial population of 320 students we were able to use space in a way that few of us have experienced before. Students have always been the beneficiaries of this gift of space.

    This year with our numbers being solidly anchored above 500 students some of this space has disappeared of course, however, we are about to gain the space of a playground and the outdoor space has seen much improved usability over this time.
    We have begun this year with a clear sense of who we are as a school and what we wish to accomplish moving forward.
    Our “Hawks” spirit is alive and well and our staff and students continue to learn what it means to “SOAR” at Fireside.

    Our priorities, as outlined in our spring school educational plan (SEP) are numeracy, literacy, project-based learning and outdoor based learning. Further, we see much increased student agency in many areas of our school.
    We invite all of our parents and guardians to come out and participate in school events, interact with in a variety of ways with us and participate in the monthly meetings of our school council. We look forward to our second year as a school community and continue to develop, refine and solidify what makes Fireside School a great place to learn.

    Sincerely, Thomas Elbel


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