Scent Aware

Allergy Alert

Some members of our school community have been identified as having severe allergic reactions to the following scents and/or compounds:

    • Fragrance (perfume, cologne, creams, sprays, etc.)
    • Products with the ingredient Parfum or Balsum of Peru
    • Citrus (e.g. orange, lemon, lime, etc.)
    • Vanilla (e.g. body lotion, cream, perfume, etc.
    • Coconut (perfume, cologne, creams, sprays, etc.)


When scented products have been blamed for causing health problems, especially for those with allergies or environmental sensitivities, removing the cause of the reaction is important.

When you come to Fireside School, please refrain from wearing perfume, cologne, or scented products. Please do not bring perfumes or scented products into our school. Thank you for your attention to and respect of this health concern and for helping us to keep everyone safe from reactions this school year.

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