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At Fireside we have Learning Support from grades K-8. Learning Support looks different at every grade as our goal is to meet the needs of our learners. Learning Support might be in-class support or small group support. It might be individually based or whole class instruction. Learning Support staff work collaboratively with classroom teachers to best meet the needs of our students.

Learning Support also supports the development of Individual Program Plans (IPPs). Fireside IPPs are created in the fall, reviewed in the winter, and reviewed again in the spring. We work collaboratively with families when creating IPPs. Parents are involved in the creation process by completing a parent survey at the beginning stages of IPP development and can meet with staff at any point throughout the year to discuss their child’s IPP.

The Roost is a safe place for our students to come and get academic support. Students can request to come to the Roost at any time during the school day to get the academic support they need. Students often access the Roost to complete individual work, to get help with a writing task, or write a test in an alternative environment. The possibilities are endless!

Our Learning Support Teachers may be contacted via email:

K-Grade 2:  Mrs. Leslie Hall - RVSMail

Grade 3-8:  Mrs. Kathy Sambrook - RVSMail

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