Child Development Advisor


Students are encouraged to consult with Ms. Clark, our CDA, if they are having social or emotional difficulties, if they would like help in solving a personal problem, or if they wish for information about career planning.  Contact Ms. Clark via RVSMail or by telephone at (403) 932-4868

The CDA may refer students and / or families to other individuals or agencies. Students can drop by and talk to the CDA any time, if they are facing a challenge. Parents may contact the counsellor by telephoning the school. The CDA offers students a place to talk and discuss in confidence. As well, guidance can be given with organizational skills, and study and friendship skills.

Programs that are offered through the CDA:

  • Grandparent program Boys and Girls club at lunch

  • Conflict Mediation Lunch Time mentoring

  • Teen mentoring – through the Big Brothers, Big Sisters community partnership

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